Cherry Hill Urban Garden

Location: 900 Cherry Hill Road

Our Eat Healthy, Live Healthy garden, or Cherry Hill Urban Garden was founded by local resident Juanita Ewell. Ms Ewell was inspired to organize our garden as a solution to Cherry Hill’s current “food desert” environment. The 1.5 acre garden was leased in 2010 by the Cherry Hill Development Corporation. The mission of our urban garden is to provide Cherry Hill residents with convenient access to fresh produce at affordable prices. Additionally, we aim to encourage healthy eating, promote fitness, establish opportunities for youth participation, and foster pride in our community. In the upcoming seasons, we look forward to expanding our farm, diversifying our crops, and establishing more programs. Come visit us to learn about our current volunteer opportunities or other programming. You can also purchase our crops at Waverly Farmer’s Market or at our own neighborhood farm stand in front of St. Veronica’s Catholic Church!