Neighborhood Food Advocates

Neighborhood Food Advocates

Neighborhood Food Advocates strives to make healthy and affordable food available to all Baltimore residents. It is a program of the Baltimore City Health Department focusing on food equity.

The mission of Neighborhood Food Advocates is to organize Baltimore City food desert residents to address problems in Baltimore’s food system. The vision is to achieve a local food system where all residents have consistent access to healthy and affordable foods.

The Neighborhood Food Advocates initiative facilitates education and training, leadership development and community organizing projects. The goals of the program include:

  • Educate Baltimore residents about the food system and how to organize to create change.
  • Develop neighborhood and community food groups who want to assist with improving the delivery of and access to food in the city.
  • Build a coalition of organizations and independent citizens to increase the availability of healthy food outlets in Baltimore.

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To get involved with Neighborhood Food Advocates or to learn more, contact James Smith, Community Health Organizer at 443-743-0436.

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