Virtual Supermarket

Baltimore residents can order groceries online and pick them up at set locations with no registration or delivery fees. Providing access to healthy foods at supermarket prices, especially in neighborhoods where food access is limited, is the goal.

The Virtual Supermarket Program is run by the Baltimore City Health Department’s Baltimarket program in partnership with ShopRite.


You can order at designated public housing, low-income senior housing, or library sites or from any computer. At senior sites, the program is limited to residents and senior center participants only.


You can order groceries from ShopRite from Home from any computer. The Virtual Supermarket Program provides staff and trained volunteers (Neighborhood Food Advocates) on-site to help if you don’t have a computer or are uncomfortable about placing orders online.


After placing your order, you can pick it up at your designated delivery site at no additional cost. Deliveries are made to sites on a weekly basis.


You get a $10 bonus to spend on healthy foods the first time you place an order and on six holidays throughout the year. You can pay for groceries using cash, credit, debit and EBT/SNAP (food stamps).